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Hello! I’d like to welcome you to my legacy web blog, based on the lives of the Emmett family, a creation of mine from The Sims 3. The story began with Thomas Emmett as he moved into Riverview with limited money and a huge field, and is following his descendants through their lives as they continue his legacy. His story begins here.

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The Rivers Legacy!

Please, head on over and check it out! The appearance of the blog is still incomplete, I’m struggling to decide on a theme and I’m hoping to improve the banner, but I hope you’ll enjoy the prologue of The Rivers Legacy!!


She escaped with her life but lost her family. Unable to face the town they share her memories with she flees in the night, leaving behind everything she knows. Can she make it on her own?


The Rivers Legacy

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10 – The Final Chapter


Groaning, I slammed a hand down on my alarm clock to silence it. What the hell? It was a Saturday! Why was my alarm screeching at this ungodly hour? Bleary eyed, I poked an eye out from underneath my duvet and tried to focus on the digital display of my alarm clock.

Half ten. What?!

My mind whirred into action, trying to remember why on earth I’d set an alarm. Usually I spend my mornings at the weekend sleeping till noon like any sensible teenager! Still staring at the display, the date caught my eye.

Of course. How could I have been so stupid? It’s my birthday!

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9.12 Wise Words

I was so tired. It had been such a long day! We’d had to get up at the crack of dawn to take Sophia into school early; it was the day of the Science Fair and she needed to get in a couple of hours before it started to set up her project. Don’t ask me what it was, I’ve not got the slightest clue! Way over my head. My girl’s so clever though, and she won! So I guess that’s the important thing. Anyway, after the fair we went to the park as a family; turns out that at my age it only takes three games of catch to sap your energy! Thomas had taken great delight in declaring me ‘Oldest Oldie of Oldstown Oldvania’ until I reminded him smugly who provided his pocket money. The shine was taken off just a smidge when he got his guitar out and swiftly earned fifty simoleons busking, but I made my point. Still, I couldn’t wait to curl up in bed.

‘Dan, sweetie? I left a light on downstairs… Be a dear?’

Oh, Betty. If I didn’t love her so much I’d get a lot more rest!!

Plodding downstairs and trying not to notice how cold the wooden floors were under my bare feet, I followed the light into the living room. The lamp was on, but something caught my eye from the gallery. Another light… A strange noise began to filter into my consciousness… Was that a voice? What on earth? Was someone in the house? Burglars!? Continue reading

9.11 Updating…?

Adam had had to rush off after I’d spoken to him, although he’d taken his time to say goodbye to everyone and promising to meet Alfie in Bridgeport for a drink once he was settled there. Waving to him as he walked through the front door to his waiting car (chaffeur driven, naturally), Adam’s words echoed through my mind.

‘Why can’t his guitar be his future?’

To be honest, the thought hadn’t occurred to me. It must sound stupid, given the time I’ve seen him spend with the thing, but it hadn’t. The only future I’d ever seen for Thomas was for him to get a steady job, perhaps entering the business career, and taking over the estate in a few years once he was on his feet; his guitar always being there of course but just as a hobby, a pastime.

Not his career. I winced. There was no way Tom could be a successful musician like Adam whilst maintaining the estate, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to juggle the two in this day and age. Besides, it was the tradition. The eldest Emmett child took over the estate, it had been that way for generations. It was all my family had ever known…

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9.10 Musical Genius

Thomas’s birthday party had been simply wonderful. I’ve no idea how Alfie managed to get Adam over here at such short notice, not that he’s given me any hints as to how he pulled off what can only be described as a miracle, but I’m so happy he did it, whatever it was! It doesn’t seem right to me that Thomas and Sophia don’t get to see their Uncle Adam too often, especially as I grew up surrounded by my family (well, the members that count); my grandparents, Mum, then later Sheldon and my brothers. I just want the same life for my kids!

It was Adam who bought Thomas what I’m guessing is his favourite birthday present. I say guessing; Tom’s not said either way but the amount of time he spends practising his guitar speaks for itself!

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9.9 The Alfie Situation

The Alfie situation played on my mind a lot over the next few days. I went out of my way to avoid him, a little fearful of what I would say to him when I saw him. It’s not that I regretted laying into him, not at all – let’s face it, he did need it. He let his family down, his little nephew! I still couldn’t believe he’d had the nerve to do that, to favour some random girl he met at a club over his own flesh and blood. I just felt that I could’ve gone about it in a better way.

Fortunately, keeping out of his way was quite easy. He spent a lot of his time away from the house, leaving mid-morning and coming home god knows when. I tried not to let on to Bets, but I was worried. I had no idea where he was going, what he was doing, and while I hoped that he was sorting himself out and finding a job I didn’t hold my breath. This was Alfie, after all.

One afternoon he came home unexpectedly; I’d nearly had a heart attack when the smartly-dressed man came strolling into our living room out of the blue until I realised who it was. My brother, suited and booted. Um, what?

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